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My Kingdom for the Princess 2 for iPad 1.2

ScreenShot of My Kingdom for the Princess 2 for iPad 1.2 by Nevosoft LLC ★★★Special sale price to promote our "Supercow" - great arcade game for the whole family!★★★ ★★★The innovative mixture of click management and building simulation still works perfectly, and some new twists along with engaging mini-games ensure a pleasant experience!" - (4.5/5.0)★★★ ★★★See what the excitement is all about when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of My Kingdom for the Princess 2 today!" -★★★ ★★★My Kingdom for the Princess 2 is a resource management/strategy title with loads of charm and deceptively deep gameplay." - (4/5)★★★ ★★★Best Time Management/Simulator in 2010★★★ - My Kingdom for the Princess II won the 2010 Nevosoft...
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Comic Zeal Comic Reader 5.0.36

ScreenShot of Comic Zeal Comic Reader 5.0.36 by bitolithic Imagine holding your comic library in your hands; with Comic Zeal, you don't have to imagine. Your iPad is the perfect device for reading comics, but reading comics and manga isn't like reading books. You need a specialist app that can: • Organize your comics by series, don't look through hundreds to find the one you want. • When you finish reading one comic, automatically open the next one. • Reliably zoom in on content, not show you the same borders page after page. • Be smart about what to show you when you rotate the device, many comics have a mixture of portrait and landscape pages. • Lets you search for and find your comics by title and the tags that you've applied to them (tagging only available on the iPad). • Load your comics using USB, wifi or even ...
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Magnetic Baby 1.2.3

ScreenShot of Magnetic Baby 1.2.3 by Bravery ★★★Top 10 ipad games in more than 16 countries in one day!!★★★ ★★★No.1 ipad Game in china store★★★ ★★★Top 10 iphone family games in more than 32 countries★★★ ★★★Top 10 ipad family games in more than 39 countries★★★ ★★★ Featured App!★★★ Press Quotes: "Magnetic Baby is an iPhone and iPod touch app that brings together the physics and platform genres in a delightfully challenging way." - appsafari (5/5) "A Fun Platformer with Depth Beyond Its Cutesy Graphics" - touchreviews (9/10) "Magnetic Baby is a fun, cute platformer." - 148apps (8/10) "Magnetic Baby provides innovative gameplay, and takes full advantage of an iOS device." - APPLE'N'APPS (4/5) "If you can master the controls...
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Prince of Persia: Warrior Within 1.0.8

ScreenShot of Prince of Persia: Warrior Within 1.0.8 by Gameloft S.A. **OPTIMIZED FOR iPHONE 4! High-definition graphics that fully utilize the iPhone 4 Retina display** *Touchaholics, 10/10: “Prince of Persia: Warrior Within truly is an awesome experience” * : “The wait was huge for the quality of the title which is definitely above the average” * Pocketgamer: “Prince of Persia: Warrior Within is an impressive conversion of an excellent console game” Let the Warrior Within take over your iPhone/iPod touch! One of the most anticipated video game franchises is finally available on the App Store. Hunted down by the Empress of Time, you’ll embark on a pirate ship and visit accursed palaces to triumph over evil. A CONSOLE-QUALITY GAME ** Graphics optimized to push the technical capabilities of the iPhone. ** ...
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Demon Hunter - The Return of The Wings 1.0.0

ScreenShot of Demon Hunter - The Return of The Wings  1.0.0 by Sungmin Eum ## Network verification is required only once. Please check your 3G/WIFI network connection before the first time application run. ## 'Demon hunter' can be played by iPhone(3G,3Gs,4), iPod(all generation). Compatible with all iOS. Demon hunter is stylish action rpg game take place in Akoron which is different dimension. Your character don’t have assigned job like other games but by mixing skills and characteristic user can create character’s unique job. By playing main quest and sub quest user can perform fancy skills, cancel system and variety of action by playing this game. Features # Cancel System Cancel system show user strong stylish action by creating afterimage between actions. # Hunter Ranking System In order to find hidden boss, rare material and rare item you need higher...
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Jelly Lander HD 1.1.0

ScreenShot of Jelly Lander HD 1.1.0 by Cantonex Limited ★ If you like addicting games, you’ll LOVE Jelly Lander. ★ The next big thing is here AT LAST! One of the most enjoyable games around. ★ Hours and days of sheer pleasure GUARANTEED! You’ve just been drafted! You’re a pilot now and we have a mission right for you. Our planet is in grave danger and someone has to protect it. Can you help? I know you’re young and may think you’re inexperienced but you’ll do just fine. Trust me! Here’s your new shiny craft. Hop in and try it out. Don’t worry, you’ll learn to fly it as you go along. The steering is simple – push thrust to soar and steer left and right to take your craft where you want it to go. Once the initial levels are over and you get some experience in steering the spacecraft...
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Mage Defense 1.2

ScreenShot of Mage Defense 1.2 by WestRiver The mage castle faced big crisis becasue monsters from devildom invaded into the castle. Please protect the castle from monsters by employing various mages outside of the castle. Don't pass many monsters, or you will lose the game. "Mage defense" is a typical TOWER DEFENSE game, to protect the Mage castle from evil monsters by placing various mages with their capabilities in best strategic positions. We ended up creating a cool mixture of popular TD, fatasy mood & fun of raising characters just like RPG. [How to play] - Place units the way monsters pass, and they will attact them automatically. - Add more units or upgrade their ability to improve defensive power with gold you've got. The more waves you pass, the stronger monsters rush. - Once you clear a stage, you will get ...
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Clash of Clans 2.86

ScreenShot of Clash of Clans 2.86 by Supercell Lead your clan to victory! Clash of Clans is an epic combat strategy game. Build your village, train your troops and battle with thousands of other players online! ★★★★★ “This game is phenomenal” ★★★★★ “If you were looking for a game to play that's fun and strategic this is better than any other game out there” Clash of Clans is an addictive mixture of strategic planning and competitive fast-paced combats. Raise an army of Barbarians, War Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters. Join a clan of players and rise through the ranks, or create your own Clan to contest ownership of the Realm. Driving back the goblins is just the first step - your quest isn't over until your clan reigns supreme over all others! = FEATURES = ✔ FREE TO PLAY ✔ Build...
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Bacterium Evolution 1.2

ScreenShot of Bacterium Evolution 1.2 by blakit The professor has proposed his genial theory on the World Scientific Conference. But he was ridiculed and humbled by other scientists. Nevertheless the professor decided to prove his incredible theory to all the world and went to his secret laboratory. How far will he go in his madness? What creatures will he invent? Start playing and find this out! The game is the mixture of Tetris, Bubble Blast, Jewels, Alchemy and Dr. Mario. This brain puzzle will make your mind work, but at the same time will give you great pleasure and fun! Features: - Awesome graphics, animation and sounds; - Colorful and funny game characters; - Raising difficulty of the game step by step; - Interesting comics; - Bonuses; - Tablets resolutions support; - Open feint – a large social gaming network which allows...
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NyxQuest 1.01

ScreenShot of NyxQuest 1.01 by Chillingo Ltd On sale for a limited time only to celebrate launch! Experience the awesome story of Nyx, an enigmatic winged girl who has descended from heaven to search of her missing friend Icarus. Soar over the ruins of ancient Greece and avoid falling into blazing sands or perishing in the claws of cruel harpies and hydras in this unique platforming adventure. Summon the powers of Zeus and other benevolent Gods from Olympus to cast rays, modify the scenery and control winds at your wish... NyxQuest Highlights • Gorgeous visuals bring the ruins of the ancient Greek world back to life in style. • Unique mixture of classic platforming and clever puzzles like nothing that you have played on the App Store. • Get engrossed in the world of Greek mythology and uncover the story behind Nyx. &bull...
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